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Most newcomers to Founders Rowing Club have never rowed before, and many have never seen a rowing shell in person!  The first year of rowing for every athlete is filled with adventure, spent learning technique, building fitness and strength, and racing. Our novice rowers have a well-earned reputation of being unbeatable, and perform as top crews in novice racing year after year. 


Everyone starts somewhere, and you will find no better start that with our team. You will go fast, have fun, and build amazing friendships.


What does it take?


  • Be proud to be strong, and be proud to be a girl!  This is an all-girls team, and we champion bold young women.

  • You are limitless. Keep an open mind about how good you can be!  Every year, we have first-year athletes make top boats that race at the National Championships.  ​

  • Be positive.  Every athlete must bring the best version of themselves to the team.  You won’t always have your best to give, but you can always give the best of what you have.  We are all working together to make each other great.  Positive attitude and servant leadership are hallmarks of our team’s members.

  • Dream.  We are a goals-driven group, and we dream big!  We want to be one of the best teams in the nation – strive for this with pride.  

It is best for athletes to begin rowing early during high school, since developing fitness and strength takes time; however, we have had first-year athletes join the team as upperclassmen to find enormous success quickly.  There’s more than one path to the top!

Contact us to learn more!

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