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Committed to excellence in the sport of rowing, Founders Rowing Club inspires young women to realize their limitless potential through the dedication to hard work, passionate competition, and sportsmanship.

Established in 2012, Founders Rowing Club in Dallas, Texas is a high performance, all-girls rowing club that was formed to provide opportunities to a community of driven youth athletes, to train and compete in a demanding but fun environment, and ultimately compete at a national level.  We build character, foster strong and resilient young women, compete with unwavering courage, and build lifelong friendships. 


Our team was founded by a remarkable group of athletes, parents, and coaches who believed in the limitless potential of young women to aspire and achieve their dreams.  Our unique team dynamics, small roster, and passionate coaches allow us to develop within each member the skills to perform, and lay the foundation of Character, Resilience, and Courage, that will prepare our athletes to meet the rigors and expectations of high performance rowing, academics, and future endeavors.


It is our goal to provide a positive developmental and competitive experience.


Our athletes are immersed in a comprehensive, systematic, and personalized program that allows us to develop and maximize the progress of every individual we work with regardless of whether they are a novice, or advanced rower.  Our nuanced training method utilizes cutting-edge training theory of top national teams and elite performance centers across the globe.


Team members are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to understand their training, and navigate their development process.  The program is further enriched by active guidance regarding nutrition, goal setting, lifestyle, and personal responsibility.  Our process-oriented approach to performance and self-discovery empowers athletes to be daring, and chase their dreams.


Our coaches’ breadth of knowledge and pursuit of excellence are second to none, having completed mentoring with some of the most successful elite coaches in recent history, as well as extensive study in sport science and psychology; our program director has experience as a United States Junior National Team coach, and continues to train U-19 and U-23 athletes for international competition.  

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