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Private coaching is available for youth and masters athletes wanting to recieve personal coaching.  Coached sessions can be completed on the water or erg, and sessions of 90+ minutes will include video review.  Rowers can request rigging analysis and adjustment to be completed as a part of their training session.  Private coaching is priced by the hour as per the fee schedule listed below; multiple-session "packages" may be purchased at discounted rates:

To schedule a session call 214-770-7100 or email

Fee Schedule

1 Participant(s): $50/hour

2 Participant(s): $80/hour ($40/person)

3 Participant(s): $90/hour ($30/person)

4 Participant(s): $100/hour ($25/person)

  • Groups of 5 or more should contact Coach Naifeh to request more information on the organization and pricing of larger group clinics. 

  • Payment by Cash or Check made payable to "Founders Rowing Club" should be fulfilled at the time of the coaching session. 

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